What is Clamshell Packaging?

What is Clamshell Packaging?

Few people know what clamshell packaging is. In this article, you’ll learn what clamshell packaging is and how it can benefit you and your business.

What is Clamshell Packaging?

Clamshell packaging is one single container split into two halves. A hinge joins the two halves. This type of packaging usually consists of a variety of plastics, including PVC, polyester, and polystyrene.

Manufacturers can make clamshell packaging by thermoforming or by injection molding the material into desired shapes. The hinges allow this type of packaging to open like a clamshell.

Some clamshells feature multiple hinges. This construction gives them a flat base so you can stand them upright on the shelf. Clamshell packaging may not be ideal for every product.

Nonetheless, its advantages make it an excellent choice for various products, from food to electronics.

What Products Can You Package in Clamshells?

Here are some of the products for which you can use clamshell packaging:
• Household goods
• Cosmetics
• Electronics
• Games and toys
• Automotive
• Home improvement tools
• Office and craft supplies
• Sports and recreation equipment

What are The Benefits of Clamshell Packaging?

Clamshell packaging has several benefits, including the following:


When transporting your products, you want to make sure they are as safe as possible. High-quality packaging of the right type is especially important in the case of drugs, food, and other highly regulated products.

Poor packaging can lead to contamination of food, drugs, or personal-care items. That not only means a loss of revenue, but it may also subject your business to legal problems.

With clamshell packaging, you won’t have to worry about most of these risks. The design of this type of packaging ensures it protects your stuff from poor storage conditions and inappropriate handling during transport.

Clamshell packaging seals your product securely, keeping airborne contaminants at bay to help maintain the freshness and safety of the product.

Design Versatility

Through thermoforming, manufacturers can create virtually all sizes and shapes of clamshell packaging to meet the needs of different customers and industries.

You might be looking for something simple, such as a clamshell takeaway container, or something sophisticated that features a custom interior tray. Whatever you need, you can be confident that you’ll get it from reputable clamshell packaging companies like New-Tech Packaging.

You can even find tri-fold clamshells, which can stand on their own. These versions of clamshells may also feature a hanger tag or punch hole, so you can easily hang them on a hook.

Stand-alone clamshell packaging can be a perfect option if you are selling your products in a big warehouse store. Large retailers like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot can also benefit significantly from them.


Because the plastic that is used in the clamshell packaging process is clear, this offers consumers the change to see exactly what they are purchasing.  It also allows the consumer to see that the product is new and without any defects.  

Tamper-Proof Design

In the retail world, businesses usually place their higher-value products in clamshell packaging. Conversely, they often keep the less expensive items in simple blister packs.

If you need to protect your most expensive items, you can’t go wrong with a sealed clamshell. Moreover, if you have used a blister pack before, you understand how difficult it can be to open one of them.

Easy To Unseal

Customers can be frustrated if they have to put too much effort into unsealing commercial packaging. While clamshell packaging stays airtight during transportation and handling, it is effortless to open once customers receive their package.

What’s more, you can easily reseal it, which makes it excellent for storing stuff for future use.

Order Custom Clamshell Packaging

Now that you understand what clamshell packaging is and its benefits, you might want to choose it as your ideal packaging solution. New-Tech Packaging can help you with all of your clamshell packaging needs.

New-Tech Packaging has decades of experience in designing, crafting, and sealing custom clamshell packaging. We have a team of experienced design experts who will take you through every process of creating clamshell packaging. We are committed to ensuring you get clamshell solutions that work best for your specific products and your customers. Learn more about clamshell packaging services at New-Tech.