Why Use Foam-In-Place Packaging?

Why Use Foam-In-Place Packaging?

Foam-in-place packaging systems use liquid components that are mixed through a self-cleaning dispensing system to package your company’s shipping items securely. This packaging method is ideal for providing insulation, as well as surface and shock protection.

You can combine foam packaging with other packing materials to provide exceptional protection for your freight. It’s a smart and cost-effective shipment method.

So how does foam-in-place packaging work? And why use it?

Let’s delve a little deeper to understand more.

How Foam-In-Place Packaging Works

Spray foam comprises a chemical created by two materials – polyol resin and isocyanate. When these chemicals come into contact, they expand by a factor of as much as 60 times the original liquid volume.

This expansion creates a spray foam that is the perfect specialty-packing material to protect fragile, high-value, and sensitive products that you ship.

Foam provides shock protection, surface protection, and high thermal-insulating value. It also eliminates air infiltration and maintains product fidelity.

These properties make foam-in-place an ideal shipping choice for items including lamp bases, avionics components, large fossils, computers, chandeliers, and any other high-value or unusually shaped objects.


Benefits of Foam-In-Place Packaging For Shipping

Thermal Insulation

Heat energy is lost when heat transfers from a warmer material to a colder one via conduction, convection, or radiation. Styrofoam and spray-foam packaging materials are rife with air pockets, which trap air, so they make poor heat conductors.

These characteristics make foam an excellent insulator for blocking the transfer of heat energy away from your products.

Surface and Shock Protection

Foam-in-place is ideal for shipping fragile products because it protects your package contents from shock. The foam fills the surrounding spaces, creating a tight-fitting cushion that molds itself around the item.

The foam keeps your package contents safe from shock and surface damage, thanks to the pocket of protection it creates.

Space and Cost Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency and footprint reduction, foam-in-place is king. It’s a smarter way to package your goods, and it improves your productivity. Because shipping companies now charge extra for dimensional weight (DIM), using foam-in-place creates tremendous cost savings.

Reduces and Eliminates Damage Expenses

With your package contents tightly protected, foam-in-place reduces or eliminates the possibility of you ending up writing off damage expenses. The products you ship are guaranteed to arrive at your customer’s door in the same condition they were in when you shipped them. With this protection, you have more time to concentrate on making your business profitable and productive.

What’s more, foam-in-place packaging increases consumer confidence in your business by creating an excellent first impression with your customers.


Don’t let goods damaged in transit ruin your relationship with your customers! The fact is, about 10% of all packages are damaged in transit and, of those, some 5% sustain product loss.

Product damage costs you money and frustrates your customers. Keep your customers happy and keep them ordering by delivering products in perfect condition every time, thanks to our foam-in-place packing solutions.

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