Tips For Packaging Your Product

Tips For Packaging Your Product

The primary purpose of product packaging is to protect its contents, so they get to the consumer in excellent condition. There are several essential tips that companies should consider when packaging shipments to make sure they maintain the highest standards.

We’ll break down the top five tips for you, to help ensure that your shipments arrive on time and in tip-top shape:

Give Thought To Your Packaging Technique

Strive to select package materials that are in good condition. Having the right size also is essential, as it’s not a good idea to squeeze too much in a smaller box.

Position your item in the center of the box to keep it from tipping during shipping. Also, remember to leave the appropriate amount of space for cushioning.

On the other side of the coin, using a larger-than-necessary box will add to your dimensional weight, increasing shipping charges. You also run the risk of the product getting damaged, as it might have room to move around during shipping.

Finally, remember to include enough packing substances, such as styrofoam, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap. These materials will keep your contents stationary and cushion it for any substantial falls. Insurance companies require a package to be cushioned to sustain a fall of at least three feet.

Use Strong, Durable Packaging Materials

Always choose boxes or plastic containers that are in good shape when they leave your business. Most shipments that sustain damage are because contents are too heavy, or packaging is too flimsy.

For smaller parcels, cardboard boxes will do. However, for high-value, or fragile products, plastic tubes, corrugated packaging, plastic corrugated packaging, and foam packaging, are better options.

Seal Your Package Properly

Although many people use electrical tape or masking tape to seal packages, they are not dependable. They do not adhere firmly enough to boxes and are liable to loosen during shipping.

Apply tape on all packaging seams and ends to secure your product solidly. Consider using plastic pressure-sensitive tape, reinforced tape, or reinforced plastic tape for your shipment.

Clearly Label Your Package

Whenever possible, use a typed address sticker with a clear “Ship To:” prefix to ensure your parcel gets to the correct address. Place this label inside a plastic pocket to weatherproof the tag, and firmly tape the label onto your packaging.

Keep in mind that most delivery companies in the United States don’t accept package deliveries to P.O. boxes. Also, remember to place a copy of your completed label inside your package. Doing so reconfirms the delivery address to companies such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS, if the outer label comes loose during shipping.

Conceal Valuable Products

Small, valuable products attract unwanted attention and become likely candidates for theft. Be sure to transfer such items to larger, less-conspicuous packaging, and seal the shipment, so it looks like an ordinary shipment.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered all the essentials in this article to help you ensure safe and accurate arrival of your packages to clients. If you follow these valuable tips, you can rest assured that your products will get to their destination in excellent condition.

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