Things to Know About Returnable Packaging

Things to Know About Returnable Packaging

The recent trend toward eco-friendly shipping practices has sparked an increase in the number of businesses using returnable packaging.

Returnable packaging is highly durable and designed for repeated use from the outset. It has a host of benefits, including its condensed storage needs, easy transport, durability, rigidity, cost-effectiveness, and more! And when we say durable, we mean durable, with some lasting more than 20 years!

So, why should you consider using returnable packaging in your business? We’ve compiled a list of reasons to get you thinking:

They’re Eco-friendly

Perhaps the best feature of returnable packaging is its reusability. These packages support the eco-friendly mantra: “Reduce, reuse, and recycle.”

Most governments in the developed world are executing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations, which impel manufacturers to be 100% responsible for the entire lifecycle of a product. Sustainable packaging fits well into the regulation requirements.

The fact that returnable packaging is so reusable has tremendous benefits. It reduces disposal costs and waste, thus benefiting both consumers and the environment.

What’s more, 90% of the materials comprising this packaging is recyclable.

They’re Versatile and Customizable

The versatility and custom options that are available with returnable packaging is astounding. You can opt to have them manufactured in your company’s colors or have them color-coded to identify different product categories or shipping destinations.

Returnable boxes also can carry long-lasting or near-permanent labels for identification, which simultaneously increases your brand visibility in the marketplace.

You can customize returnable packaging to fit your needs. It can be silk-screened or fitted with foam, handles, channels, tracking, and more. You choose what you want!

They’re Strong and Long-Lasting

Returnable packaging is perhaps the most durable packaging solution on the market today. It is efficient and effective in protecting your goods while in transit, so they won’t succumb to shock or surface damage.

They’re also corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant, and contamination-proof. Most returnable boxes have extra lids for additional protection and security.

Maybe most important, you won’t have to keep replacing these boxes. They’re amazingly strong and durable, with some reportedly being used for more than 20 years!

They Offer Space and Cost Savings

When folded, returnable boxes offer up to 85% reduction in volume, thus saving on transport costs. They’re also incredibly lightweight, so you won’t get hit with hefty weight surcharges when you ship products from your business.

Using returnable packaging also produces significant long-term savings both for your business and your customers. The need for repeated labeling is reduced dramatically or eliminated, and the need for customers to purchase expendable packaging systems is history.

Returnable packaging can produce cost savings of 40%-70% on your packaging costs – a significant boost to your bottom line.


Still not sure about how to fit returnable packaging into your shipping strategy? Don’t worry; we’re here to talk you through it.

However small or large your business, we can custom manufacture the right returnable packaging for your needs and build it to last you for years! Talk to our helpful representatives today to work out a strategy for your business!