Plastic Corrugated Packaging: Top Questions Answered

Plastic Corrugated Packaging: Top Questions Answered


Are you seeking more sustainable packaging that is sturdy, weather-resistant, and reusable? The answer to your product needs is plastic corrugated packaging.

In fact, the plastic corrugated packaging market has gained considerable traction during the past decade due to growing regulations and consumer awareness over companies’ sustainability efforts.

Let’s answer those top questions to help uncover if plastic corrugated packaging is right for your products.

What Is Plastic Corrugated Packaging?

Plastic corrugated packaging is made from polypropylene resin converted into plastic sheets, which creates highly durable and reusable packaging. This semi-permanent packaging is often found in the form of plastic bins, boxes, and totes.

Commonly used in the medical device, healthcare, automotive, and avionics industries, returnable plastic packaging is growing in popularity as other industries look for ways to enhance their sustainable practices and begin to see the benefits of packaging that can make multiple trips through the supply chain.

What Are the Main Benefits of Choosing Plastic Corrugated Packaging?

There are many advantages to choosing plastic corrugated packaging for your products. Here are some of the top benefits most companies find:

  • Reusable. Plastic corrugated packaging can be reused several times. This reduces waste, increases efficiency, and cuts costs in the long run. Because the packaging is reused multiple times, choosing the right fit is important. At New-Tech, we custom design packaging to ensure products are properly protected in the most cost-effective way.
  • Eco-Friendly. Plastic corrugated packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly, made of 70% to 100% recycled material. While the packaging industry has come under fire for overusing plastic, it is important to note that using plastic efficiently – such as plastic corrugate over and over again – is far better than one-use paper or fiberboard products.
  • Sturdy. Reusable plastic packages provide better support and overall protection than paper or cardboard products.
  • Lightweight and Flexible. At New-Tech Packaging, we can custom design corrugated plastic boxes that are easy to mold and fold. Our plastic corrugated boxes can be designed with 2, 3 and 4 mm sheets. They are durable yet lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport.
  • Weatherproof and Chemical-Proof. Plastic corrugated packaging is water-resistant, which is a huge benefit when products go through harsh weather conditions en route to their destination. Also, plastic corrugated packages have sheets with a neutral pH factor, making them resistant to most corrosive chemicals. At New-Tech Packaging, our plastic packages are made from Polypropylene Plastic (PP), making them safe and effective for high-moisture environments.

What Types of Packages Can Be Made with Plastic Corrugate?Plastic Corrugated Package

At New-Tech Packaging, we manufacture plastic corrugated packaging. Therefore, we can custom design a package to fit your product perfectly and manufacture it in-house. If you can envision it, we likely can make it!

Corrugated plastic is a highly versatile material to work with. Here are some of the more common types of plastic packaging we manufacture:

  • Boxes & Crates. Just as they sound, these are plastic corrugated boxes that can be used multiple times to ship parts and products back and forth. We can design and manufacture various styles, such as foldable boxes and stackable crates
  • Bin Boxes. Bin boxes made of plastic corrugate material are a long-lasting and economical solution for our customers who are storing products in these on shelves for lengthy periods of time.
  • Trays. We can design and manufacture custom corrugated plastic trays in a wide variety of sizes, whether you need these for large industrial parts or smaller consumer goods. Many of our customers use plastic corrugate trays on conveyors in their warehouses to move products internally through the packaging process.
  • Totes. Our plastic hand totes are custom-made to product specifications. The inside of the totes often includes foam, plastic, or a mix of both to protect the product. Totes can be customized with velcro, straps, buckles, handles, and more. Many customers who previously used heavy-duty plastic totes with attached lids have converted to plastic corrugate totes to save money and provide a better product fit and design.

Is Plastic Corrugated Packaging Worth the Investment?

Plastic corrugated packaging often requires more of an upfront investment. However, the investment will quickly pay for itself as you reuse the containers, cut costs on other packaging supplies, and strengthen your sustainability efforts.

Plastic corrugated packaging is typically a great fit for companies who are:

  • Looking for durable packaging with a long shelf life.
  • Seeking packaging that will perfectly protect products.
  • Doing business with customers that will return and reuse the packaging.
  • Placing a focus on sustainability.

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