Advantages of Plastic Corrugated Packaging

Advantages of Plastic Corrugated Packaging

If you’re looking for a packing solution that’s reusable, sturdy, and eco-friendly, then you’ll want to take a look at plastic corrugated packaging.

This packaging material is unique in meeting the needs of both your business and your customers.  It’s also weatherproof, so your shipments won’t get exposed to moisture.

A lot of people cringe when they hear the words “plastic packaging” because plastic has taken a bad rap for not being eco-friendly. But stop the presses! Don’t confuse plastic packaging with plastic corrugated packaging. The former is not reusable and, over time, harmful to the environment.

So why choose plastic corrugated packaging? We’ll lay out five good reasons to get you thinking.

They’re Reusable

These innovative boxes are reusable. Their shelf lives surpass those of paper boxes, jiffy bags, or corrugated boxes.

Corrugated plastic is also scratch-proof, which further extends its lifespan. What’s more, you can return these boxes, so they are convenient for the supply chain, and they’re super-easy for your customers to use.

They are Lightweight and Flexible

Corrugated plastic boxes are very easy to mold and fold. They comprise thin sheets, about 1-mm thick and, pound for pound, just as durable as corrugated boxes or wooden crates. But they’re still lightweight, and you can also get boxes with sheets measuring 3-mm, 4-mm, and 5-mm thick.

Because they are foldable, corrugated plastic boxes are also easy to transport.

Unlike other plastic products, these boxes are versatile, too, and available in various attractive designs, sizes, and colors. These boxes make for a resilient package that you can use for shipping – or for storing products.

Corrugated plastic boxes are the perfect middle-ground packaging material – less expensive than wooden crates, lighter than injection-molded plastic, and more robust than corrugated cardboard boxes.

They’re Weatherproof, Chemical-proof and Sturdy

The shipping process is hectic. Your packages go through harsh conditions en route to their destinations, so you need to protect their contents.

Plastic corrugated boxes have sheets with a neutral pH factor, which makes them resistant to most corrosive chemicals. They also have 100% Polypropylene Plastic (PP), making them safe and effective for high-moisture environments.

At room temperature, water, oil, and other solvents won’t have much effect on corrugated plastic, either. Their safety-assuredness and high durability make them suitable for transporting high-value items, such as lights, chrome-plated parts, electronics, glass, and mirrors.

Corrugated plastic boxes are also non-scratchable and easy to clean. So, they are also suitable for packaging both outdoor and indoor products and will last a long time.

They’re Eco-friendly

If you think that these corrugated boxes are automatically bad for the environment because they contain plastic, you are wrong!

Corrugated plastic boxes are sustainable and eco-friendly and made of 70%-100% recycled material.


Why not consider plastic corrugated boxes for your packaging needs?

We have a wide variety of boxes, including universal foldable boxes, stackable crates, and trays with partitions. Whatever you need, Newtech Packaging will make it happen.

Talk to our representatives about the options to improve the sustainability of your packaging with plastic corrugated boxes.