New-Tech Announces Partnership With Pregis

New-Tech Announces Partnership With Pregis

New-Tech Packaging is happy to announce our partnership with Pregis, a leading eCommerce specialist and manufacturer of protective packaging, to bring you the SHARP Bagging System.  Pregis offers solutions from simple to the cutting-edge, they take pride in delivering not only what’s needed, but what’s next. With 50+ years of experience, they’ve never stopped improving their products and solutions.

Let Us Help You Reduce Material, Labor, and Shipping Costs

If you own an eCommerce business and are currently packing and shipping soft goods, apparel, or other non-fragile merchandise in corrugated boxes, you’re going to love SHARP Bagging!

  • Bagging products is faster than packing in corrugated boxes, resulting in significantly lower labor costs.
  • Bagging creates a smaller packaging footprint, resulting in substantially lower shipping costs.
  • Bags are cheaper than corrugated mailing boxes.
  • SHARP Bagging integrates directly with your Warehouse Management System (WMS) software, so you can print directly on the bag, eliminating the need for a shipping label.
  • The graphics printed on bagging film are sharper and more dynamic than printing on corrugated boxes, so you’ll get beautiful print that perfectly reflects your brand messaging

New-Tech and Pregis are helping ecommerce businesses solve their challenges!  Let us be your guide to increased profits and improved customer experience with your eCommerce packaging!