Make Unboxing Your Product an Experience

Make Unboxing Your Product an Experience

These days we are getting more products delivered than ever. With more and more items coming right to our doorsteps, more businesses should be thinking about how to make the unboxing experience a pleasurable one.

Though it may get a bad wrap, packaging is more than just a way to secure your product during delivery. After all, receiving a gift wouldn’t be quite the same experience without the anticipation of what awaits you on the other side of that wrapping.

Product unboxing has the potential to be just as much of an experience as Christmas morning. It can be a powerful tool for those looking to set themselves (and their product) apart in the modern marketplace.

Why the Unboxing Experience Matters

There’s a reason unboxing has gone from tearing through packaging to a whole subculture across the internet. In addition to being an immensely satisfying experience when it’s done right, it appeals to the excitement inherent to getting a new gift.

These days companies are expected to have a high-quality unboxing experience. Presentation is part of the game — but that’s not the only reason that brands should consider how consumers will unbox their products.

Develop Your Brand

When done right, packaging can help further your brand’s story. How a product is boxed can say a lot about your values, focus, and—perhaps most importantly—your brand identity.

When distinguishing your company from others, the unboxing experience can help answer why customers should stay loyal to your brand. It shows you care about your customer’s experience and the presentation of something they are investing in. Wowing your customers even during the early stages of their interaction with your product can help create an emotional connection they won’t forget.

Simple things like custom printing, sustainable packaging, and high-end materials can all make your brand’s identity stand out.

Attract Customers

With unboxing videos being more popular on social media than ever before, this isn’t an opportunity that companies shouldn’t waste. Especially since good word of mouth (and maybe even a social media share—or thousands) can attract a massive number of potential customers.

We have performed a lot of research on the unboxing phenomenon. The data shows that the unboxing experience factors heavily into individual preferences and consumer motivation. That means not only will you be more likely to get repeat customers, but they’ll help organically promote you to other consumers as well.

Showcase Your Product

Your product is special and deserves to be treated as such! After all, isn’t that why someone ordered it?

By designing a unique unboxing experience, you can better showcase what makes your product unique and highlight elements your competitor can’t. Why pass up that opportunity?

Creating a Quality Unboxing Experience

First things first, you should consider some of the practicalities that come with designing the best packaging for your product:

  • Durability: How much protection does your product need to make it safely to your customer? You’ll want to make sure that whatever beautiful packaging you choose accounts for the safety of the item itself.
  • Functionality: Bright colors and fun fonts can make for a great unboxing experience. But make sure you’re not ignoring the functionality of what the packaging needs to do—again, it needs to protect, or insulate, and make the product easy to deliver.
  • Cost of shipping: With each new layer or item you add onto your product, you’re running the risk of increasing the size, weight, and shape of the package you’ll ultimately be sending out. Make sure you’re working with materials that seem smart for your shipping price point.
  • Resources: What will you need to create the best unboxing experience for your customers—and how much will it cost you?
  • Scalability: Ideally, you’ll be sending out a lot of these boxes! Are you prepared to package them all yourself? Can you outsource it? How easy will it be to bundle all these products and ideas together with the materials you have?
  • Emphasis: Before you design the box, think about where you want it to direct consumer focus. Maybe you want to highlight your brand identity, or the practicality, or maybe just how many handmade materials are involved.

Getting Creative

Once you know the boundaries you have for your unboxing situation, you can get inspired and make the activity a real experience.

It can pay to do a little research to gauge the status of the market and what trends are drawing people’s eyes. This research can help you figure out what sorts of styles and materials attract customers, but it can also go beyond—once you know the patterns, you can try to stand out from the crowd even more.

Branded packaging can go a long way in helping guide your hand here. Especially given how big e-commerce is right now, it’s important that the unboxing experience isn’t around just a regular box, but rather your package. Taking the opportunity to extend your brand’s presence here can help tie together your vision.

Don’t be afraid to give the box a personal touch, either! A personalization option that can be opted for at check out or a coupon that gives a customer a certain percentage off on their next order can make it clear how much you value their interest in your company.

Don’t forget: The goal of this exercise is to make your product feels like the gift it is. A bit of flair can go a long way for your branding and marketing efforts, not to mention making your customers feel treasured.

If you want to make your packaging a real experience, going over your packaging options can be a fabulous place to start your journey.

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