Custom Plastic Packaging

Custom Plastic Packaging

Sometimes you need more than just plain packaging. Plastic corrugated packaging combines the strength of corrugated design with the protection of plastic. What remains is stronger packaging that you can reuse many times. If you need to ramp up the protective factor more, speak to us about combining it with foam inserts. These inserts help absorb shocks and vibrations. The combination of corrugated plastics and foam is a great all-round, robust shipping solution.

How Re-Useable is Plastic Corrugated Packaging?

We’re not talking about tacky YouTube up-cycling products here. This packaging will make it through several trips through the supply chain. Some of the uses include:
• Totes
• In-house bins
• Returnable packaging

It’s used most often in the following industries:
Medical Devices
• And many others

It’s stronger than standard plastic or cardboard products to provide maximum protection for your products. We form it to your exact specifications. We’ll partner with you to ensure that it provides the correct protection at an affordable rate.

It Goes Beyond Packaging

As this material is durable, it’s also used by many manufacturers internally. They might:
• Be used to create a package to store products
• Be useful for moving products along the conveyor system
It’s lighter and cheaper than injection-molded plastic. It’s a lot stronger than corrugated cardboard. It’s also water-resistant, so you won’t end up with a soggy mess if the packages get wet.

Why Choose New-Tech?

We’ve built our reputation as an industry leader because we pay attention to detail. We design the packaging, and then we manufacture it. You don’t leave anything to chance, and neither do we. By controlling the process from start to finish, we can be sure of the quality of what we’re delivering. We adopt a more innovative approach when it comes to your quote. Most companies focus on the packaging solutions that you’re already using to base their quotes on, to make it easier for the business.

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t help you much. The other companies assume that you’re happy with your current packaging options. We think that you’re looking for a better solution. And that’s why we approach every project as if it’s a brand-new line.

That way, if there’s a better option, we’ll find it. We’re also not repeating any mistakes that you might have made with the old packaging. Our goal is simple – provide the best quality, best service, and best prices. Our Packaging Audit covers 12 different cost drivers. When we create your quote, we look for ways to actively save you money without compromising on protection. We’ll create a custom packaging line for your products that will fit like a glove.

Find Out How We Can Save You Money Today

Speak to us for an obligation-free quote. Let us run the numbers for you and see what we can come up with. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to keep our costs lower. And, naturally, we’ll pass those savings on to you.

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