Why You Should Consider Bagging Systems For Your Facilities

Why You Should Consider Bagging Systems For Your Facilities

Are you considering implementing bagging systems in your facility?  Bagging systems can be used to reduce labor costs and increase output. If you are manually loading and/or sealing bags then you know that requires a lot of labor. Even self-sealing bags can slow down your packaging processes.

What Can You Expect With Bagging Systems?

Bagging systems offer many advantages over manual loading and sealing processes including:

  • Production of strong, flat, and reliable seals
  • Easily cycling and safety for operators
  • Ease of opening bags automatically for loading
  • Capability to run on a wide variety of films including poly bags (low- and high-density polyethylene,) retail bags (polypropylene,) and specialty bags

With automatic bagging systems, you can choose the one that fits your needs.  From from small, table-top style machines to large to fully automatic systems, there are systems to meet all needs.

What Is The Cost Of Bagging Systems?

If you’re worried about the cost of bringing in an automated bagging system, don’t be. At New-Tech Packaging, we can compare the cost of the system versus what you are paying currently for manual bagging. Most of our clients see the costs of the systems paid back in less than a year’s time.

Are you curious about getting more information about bagging systems?  Give us a call today to learn more!