Why Is Packaging Design Important?

Why Is Packaging Design Important?



Packaging is the first thing your customers notice about your product. 

In business, your product stands out for its uniqueness and warrants consideration in design and material selection. Proper design will weigh factors such as size, weight, fragility, and retail-readiness. Packaging is a critical aspect, where both aesthetics and sustainability play pivotal roles. This is where New-Tech Packaging excels.

At New-Tech Packaging, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of boxes, corrugated products, & foam, specifically tailored to safeguard your merchandise during transit while optimizing cost efficiency. Our expertly crafted designs not only ensure product protection but can also yield substantial cost savings in material, labor and freight, making a notable impact on your bottom line.

Contract Packaging & Design Services – All In One Place

New-Tech Packaging offers a variety of contract packaging services.
We have the resources you need to ensure your products are packaged properly when you need it.

📦 Kitting & Assembling 

New-Tech can design and fulfill kits and assembled goods into a brand-new package.

📦 Blister & Clamshell Packaging 

We offer blister and clamshell design and fulfillment services to showcase your products for retail readiness.

📦 Displays & Fulfillment 

We design, produce, assemble, and fulfill you point-of-purchase displays.

📦 Shrink Bundling & Cartoning 

New-Tech can design and provide shrink bundling and cartoning services to get your product ready for purchase.

Reduce lead times, improve quality, gain more time to focus on what you do best by outsourcing your packaging to New-Tech. We can provide the design, packaging materials, manpower, and warehouse space to ensure your products are packaged properly and shipped on time. 

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At New-Tech, we can help design all types of packaging:  

Custom Corrugate Boxes, Bins & More 

Custom-fit boxes and corrugated packaging that we design and manufacture in-house 

Plastic Corrugated Packaging 

Custom plastic corrugated containers that we design and produce in-house 

Custom Foam Packaging 

Custom foam products designed and converted in our foam fabrication plant 

Returnable Packaging 

Totes and suitcases to optimally protect products with environmentally- friendly solutions

Temperature Control & Insulated Packaging 

Coolers, mailers, gel packs & refrigerants that provide protection for temperature-sensitive products

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Let New-Tech Help You With Package Design!

At New-Tech, we specialize in comprehensive packaging design solutions, encompassing structural, industrial, and protective aspects. Our commitment is to ensure that your product is enveloped in packaging of optimal size and materials, facilitating secure delivery to its destination. Our in-house design team will work with you to not only meet your criteria, but to exceed your expectations.

Distinguished by our expertise, New-Tech excels in retail and point-of-sale packaging design. We take pride in not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your product but also in navigating the dynamic requirements of retailers. Our designs exude a high-end look and feel, striking a harmonious balance between visual appeal and cost efficiency.

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