How New-Tech Can Help The Medical Device Industry

How New-Tech Can Help The Medical Device Industry

As a owner of a business in the medical industry, you know the importance of a regulatory environment.  The FDA expects you to meet regulations for quality, safety, approvals, and reporting to protect the consumers of these products.  New-Tech Packaging understands you need suppliers you can rely on to meet FDA regulations.  Above all, you need suppliers who not only understand a regulatory environment but also actively follow change control processes and FDA cGMP while prioritizing cost savings.

With deep experience, knowledge, and resources in the medical technology industry, New-Tech is the partner you need. We understand that for the packaging of your medical devices to meet regulations, you must have constant, ongoing levels of scrutiny. We have a quality system in place so that specifications are met, and non-conforming products are a non-issue.

At New-Tech Packaging, we’re proud to serve as dependable suppliers of medical packaging. We’ve worked closely with medical device and healthcare companies to create a high-level quality system.   Our team follows this system to ensure specifications are met and only changed after going through an approval process. We provide a strict regulatory environment, following change control processes and FDA cGMP. However, we do more than provide compliant, secure medical device packaging, we also help you uncover long-term cost savings.

We’ll also work with you to determine:

  • Which packaging will best protect your medical device products at the most affordable price
  • Which materials are best suited for the applications at hand and will not cause problems in your supply chain
  • How to redesign temperature controlled product packaging to follow your temperature protocols and deliver substantial cost savings
  • How to deliver batch records in the event of a product recall

As a leader in the medical device industry, we understand you need a supplier that’s a good fit for your organization. New-Tech has a long track record of working with major medical device providers, supplying millions of dollars worth of packaging.  Contact us today to learn more!