How to Choose the Right Packaging Provider

How to Choose the Right Packaging Provider



 Your product matters, so choosing the right packaging partner is an important
decision. Packaging plays a critical role in your product’s safe arrival, the
customer’s brand experience and your overall company’s success. It
influences your budget, brand perception, and customer loyalty. 
Knowing how to select a packaging partner and what to look for is important.


Evaluate the Packaging Company’s Capabilities

Services & Solutions 

Choosing a provider with a wide range of packaging capabilities means you
can scale and grow with your vendor and minimize the total number of
vendors your company needs to manage.  Packaging providers with extensive
capabilities allow you to single source your packaging products, streamlining
transactions and communications. 

New-Tech Packaging offers the full package from design to delivery. With an
in-house design center, an extensive quality program, the ability to inventory
customer packaging products for just in time delivery, vendor managed
services, and local deliveries on our own fleet – the capabilities and solutions
are designed to provide unparalleled service.

New-Tech Packaging offers assembly and kitting services, as well as foam
converting and corrugation manufacturing in-house. The distribution of
industrial packaging supplies, insulated shipping solutions, and packaging
automation and equipment round out the full gamut of packaging solutions
available through New-Tech.

Staff & Support 

Your packaging partner should have a strong team of knowledgeable staff
who understand what your end package communicates about your brand.
The staff and support teams should work seamlessly to execute the services
and solutions you need to keep your business running smoothly.

New-Tech Packaging’s account managers collaborate with customers to
provide solutions and uncover savings opportunities. We continue to work
diligently with customers, so they come to expect excellence.

All our crew members, from our design and customer experience team to our
quality department and shipping crew, work together to make sure our
customers get the support they need when it comes to their packaging

Get to Know the Packaging Company

History and Experience

Established packaging providers who understand where the industry has been
and where it’s going are best positioned to deliver exceptional value. They
should have a clear vision of their target market and how to support those
customers. Experienced providers carry a strong reputation in the market of
providing superior service and support.

At New-Tech, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, automating, and
fulfilling packaging solutions for top brands around the globe for 40
years.  From manufacturing custom corrugation and foam solutions to building
displays ready for retail, New-Tech has a unique ability to provide a large
offering of products of services with the agility and flexibility that can be
challenging to find in other partnerships.

Values and Commitment

Educating and empowering clients about the latest packaging technology,
trends, and techniques should be an essential part of the client experience.
Look for companies that are collaborative, generous with their knowledge, and
proactive in relationship building. Knowing what the company’s values and
laying a groundwork of expectations allows you to discuss commitment to the
partnership moving forward.

At New-Tech Packaging, our values include Environmental Stewardship,
Social Equity, Economic Resilience, and Continuous Improvement. We are
guided by a deep sense of responsibility to serve our customers with
excellence. We like to think deep instead of wide in terms of growth. If we
foster excellence within our customer base, growth and evolution will be
instinctive and natural.

Choose New-Tech for All of Your Packaging Needs 

At New-Tech Packaging, we approach packaging differently by assessing the
bigger picture of how your packaging materials and processes impact your
bottom line. We leverage our strength and technical expertise to provide
better materials, better designs, and creative innovation – resulting in
packaging solutions that save money and increase value.

  • We find ways to lower your overall costs.
  • We find ways to improve your packaging process.
  • We find ways to exceed your sustainability goals.

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