How to Choose the Right Packaging Provider

How to Choose the Right Packaging Provider


First impressions matter, especially when it comes to packaging. Packaging plays a critical role in your brand experience and company’s success. It can influence your sales goals, brand perception, and customer loyalty. 

Choosing the right partner is a big deal! Here are a few things you should consider when evaluating packaging providers. 

Understand the Packaging Company’s Capabilities


Choosing a provider with a wide range of packaging capabilities means you can scale and grow with your vendor and minimize the total number of vendors your company needs to manage. 

Packaging providers with extensive capabilities from packaging automation, design and assembly, and distribution can often provide services more cost-effectively, especially for large runs. 

Full-service packaging providers are also better positioned to assess the bigger picture of how your packaging materials and processes affect your business. 

Customization and Design

Partnering with a packaging company that collaborates with you from design through production ensures your packaging uses the best design practices, materials, and processes available to minimize costs and deliver experiences that delight customers.


Your packaging partner should have a strong team of knowledgeable staff who understand what your end package communicates about your brand. 

At New-Tech Packaging, our senior corrugate and foam designer runs our in-house design center. All of our key account managers are also certified packaging consultants and regularly attend meetings and trainings to stay up to date on the latest packaging trends. 


Your packaging partner should have systems in place for monitoring and controlling the supply chain of their products, ensuring an appropriate quantity of materials is on hand without over or under-stocking. 

New-Tech can provide clearView inventory reports for customers that utilize our VMI program. clearView allows our customers to customize order forms, view orders, and get dedicated inventory reports for additional peace of mind. 

Get to Know the Packaging Company

History and Experience

Established packaging providers who understand where the industry has been and where it’s going are best positioned to deliver exceptional value. They should have a clear vision of their target market and how to support those customers. 

At New-Tech, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, automating, and fulfilling packaging solutions for top brands around the globe for nearly 40 years.  

Ability to Evolve 

Your packaging company should be able to show you how they’ve innovated over time to keep up with industry trends and customer needs. A vendor that evolves with the times ensures your company can grow with your packaging provider. 

Values and Service

Educating and empowering clients about the latest packaging technology, trends, and techniques should be an essential part of the client experience. Look for companies that are collaborative, generous with their knowledge, and proactive in relationship building. Developing a close relationship with your packaging provider gives them an opportunity to truly serve as a partner and demonstrate value beyond just manufacturing boxes. 

At New-Tech, building relationships is the most important part of what we do. As a distributor of packaging materials and automation that also offers manufacturing and converting capabilities, we’ve seen how developing relationships across our customers’ organizations allows them to utilize our services and expertise to their fullest potential. 

Request Samples and Assess Quality

One of the best ways to assess the quality of a packaging provider’s work is to request physical samples and see for yourself!

The partner you choose should have quality control systems in place. Companies that are ISO certified, like New-Tech, are subject to the same quality standards in every department. ISO certification not only helps packaging providers deliver quality products, but establishes consistency within their internal processes to keep things running smoothly. 

Consider Environmental Impact

Sustainable packaging materials and processes are a win-win for clients, their customers, and the environment. Eco-friendly packaging is in demand from consumers and can save your company money, increase efficiency in production, and demonstrate your brand values. 

At New-Tech Packaging, we offer a range of lightweight, recyclable materials and automated solutions that reduce waste. We also bundle and donate our corrugated scrap for recycling and have foam recycling equipment in-house to melt and compact our own foam scraps. Learn more about how sustainable packaging practices are a core part of our culture.

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